The Richardson Proust Portraits

David Richardson has recently published the portraits of many of the characters appearing in ISOLT. The book is a limited edition (translation: very expensive) and the production quality is very high. Richardson is a vibrant colorist, recalling to my mind the portraits of Matisse. I have copied a few random portraits from each artist for you to make the comparison.

(The book, as well as individual prints, is available at

Matisse:Matisse Portraits 2


Selected Matisse portraits (Google Image Search)




Richardson Portraits 2 - Copy

Richardson Proust portraits taken from


6 Responses to “The Richardson Proust Portraits”

  1. David Richardson Says:

    James is it Henri’s self-portrait of Pablo that proves the flattering comparison? 🙂

  2. Jim Everett Says:

    “self-portrait of Pablo”? I have tried to parse that phrase without success.

  3. Jim Everett Says:

    I get it. Row 3, number 4. I am surprised this got through the ProustReader fact checking department.

  4. David Richardson Says:

    Yes, the Picasso. My apologies for the confused comment. Described by you as a “vibrant colorist” my head grew fat, reading your suggestion that my work could be compared to Henri Matisse I lost all wit, and then, noticing Pablo among the Mattise portraits, I realized how easily resemblance can camouflage reality, but failed to comment sensibly.

  5. Jim Everett Says:

    I believe the comparison to Matisse is valid. You have a very good sense of color in just the way of Matisse. I did not intend, however, to compare you to Picasso. So I have edited the Matisse collage to remove the Picasso portrait.

  6. Marcelita Swann Says:

    Completely fell in love with Octave, so I brought him home with me.
    Thrilled to have David Richarson’s perceptive and vibrant art book in my library…if only every Proustian could be so fortunate!
    (Limited edition)

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