Impressionist Proust


Chernowitz provides many examples of the way Impressionist art has influenced his writing. All in all, it amounts to this:

One of the most vital characteristics of pictorial Impressionism and one that constitutes perhaps the greatest link between its art and Proust’s is the emphasis on aconceptual sensation. As has already been described in connection with Elstir, this instantaneous first impression involves the reaction which is experienced before the intellect has had time to intervene and interpret things in conventional, rational, causal terms. Whether depicting a quiet street scene such as Manet’s Rue de Berne or a scene full of movement like Courses à Longchamp or even a simple portrait, the Impressionist artist renders his subject as a visual illusion perceived during the split second of this first impression and not as it actually is according to his knowledge of its permanent color and form. (165-166)


Manet Rue de Bernes



Manet Course a Longchamp



            Manet Portrait of Berthe Morisot


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