Odette in Drag

Chernowitz identifies some inspirations for Miss Sacripant:

Miss Sacripant, Elstir’s portrait of an actress disguised as a young man–who is really Odette de Crécy–of a beautiful but peculiar type, is also a composite. Like Whistler’s Miss Alexander, she is holding a broad-brimmed hat level with her knee, but is probably only in part a Whistler.

 Whistler – Miss Alexander

The costume disguising her sex recall the work of Manet, who painted so many portraits of this kind, where he would us the same model, Victorine Meurend, who posed in men’s attire in Le Toréador, Le Fifre, Mlle V. en costume d’Espagnol, Jeune femme couchée en costume en costume d’ Espagnol, and others. Besides, Proust himself refers to Miss Sacripant specifically as “contemporain d’un des nombreux portraits que Manet ou Whistler ont peints.” (115)

Manet Le Toreador

Manet Le Fifre

 Manet Jeune Fille couchee

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